Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September Stats

In Pueblo 69 building permits were requested for the month of September. Of those permits 31 were for Pueblo West.

Residential Sales -
Pueblo 297solds - median price $120,000
Pueblo West 57 solds - median price $168,700

Vacant Lots Sales =
Pueblo 59 median price $24,500
Pueblo West 42 median price $21,950

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guildlines for Sellers

I don't take every listing I'm asked to take. I interview sellers and they can interview me as well. Here are my guidelines:

My interview will include the following questions.

Why are you selling?
When I list your house today and find a buyer tomorrow, that wants to close in 30 days and take possession, where will you go?
Will your house be in "showing condition" at all times?
If I call you tomorrow and tell you a Realtor is coming by in 15 minutes will the house be ready?
Can you leave with 15 minutes notice so the Realtor and his Buyer can take their time and look at the house?

Then I have to address the things I don't do.

I don't do open houses.
I don't run ads in the newspaper.
I probably will not be the one that brings the Buyer into your house.
I don't answer my phone after 8 pm.
No, i'm not cheap.
Then to make their day, I will tell them what I will do.
I promise to call you constantly.
I promise to answer my phone, personally, when you call or return your call within 1 hour.
I promise to do everything I can to get your home sold.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Safety Suggestion

The N.A.R. is promoting September 10-16 as safety week. Their web site has some great suggestions. If you haven’t gone on to check out the suggestions you should. Just about everything is covered: Empty houses, dogs, identity thief, personal protection, and more.

I’d like to tell you about a recent discovery of mine, the air horn. You don’t need a license to own one, and you don’t have to clean it, they cost less than $10. My company keeps two in a model home we cover seven days a week, usually one person at a time.

What good is an air horn in a model house in the middle of nowhere? Well, it’s noisy, annoying and will tick off anyone in the area. The neighbors will complain. The predator will want to get away from you and the noise.

I live in a rural area and I worry that the coyotes and bears may get to close to the house. After asking my brother-in-law for help in getting a gun, he suggested an air horn. I’d shake too much to shoot them any way, probably miss. But with an air horn I could scare animals away and alert the neighbors too!

Most of all I like this non violent approach to protection, but I wonder if it will work on snakes?

August Results

As of the end of August 915 building permits have been issued in Pueblo County.
Of the 119 building permits issued in the month of August 56 were issued for Pueblo West. Only 5 for Colorado City and 3 for the Mesa.

August Sales:

All of Pueblo Residence: 335
Avg $ 138,861
Median$ 125,000

Pueblo West Residence; 72
Avg $ 195,571
Median $ 174,207

Pueblo West Lots ( land):46
Avg $29,277
Median $ 23,750

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Could Rising Gas Prices Kill the Suburbs?

Could Rising Gas Prices Kill the Suburbs?
Once Americans start to realize that high-cost gas is here to stay, more home owners, including young families, will want to live in central cities and there will be a push for more public transportation, predicts Stuart Gabriel, director of the Lusk Center, a real estate think tank at the University of Southern California. In the Los Angeles area, Gabriel says that KB is leading the way to a new type of neighborhood that will give the city European-type higher density. The first of KB Urban’s high-density, mixed-use projects will be a 2-million-square-foot complex of luxury hotels and private residences built in partnership with hotelier Marriott International and AEG, a sports-and-entertainment company that owns L.A.’s Staples Center. “If you and I come back to Los Angeles 15 years from now, we are not going to see (the current) persistent pattern of building single-family detached homes farther and farther into the desert,” Gabriel says. Instead, he expects “a denser city center, denser inner-ring suburbs…a city that is more vertical.” Assuming a full-time job, $3 gas, 26 miles per gallon and 50 cents a mile for maintenance and no parking fees, a 50-mile roundtrip commute costs more than $646 a month, or more than $7,750 annually, according to the City of Bellevue, Wash.’s Commute Cost Calculator. A 10-mile roundtrip commute reduces that to about $1,550 annually, or by $517 monthly. That savings can pay for an additional $80,000 on a mortgage loan, according to David Kasprisin, district sales manager for National City Mortgage Co. in Chicago, whose rule of thumb is that each $250 you can free up equals roughly $40,000 more you can borrow at the current 6.5%. (http://www.realestate.msn.com/) MSN Real Estate (8/18/06); Marilyn Lewis

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Building Results in Pueblo

So far in 2006 Pueblo County has issued 797 building permits of those 459 (88%) were for Pueblo West. Colorado City 18 permits issued. The Mesa 16 permits issued.

The month of July real estate sales for All Pueblo MLS:

Single family residents: 304 Median : $ 127,900

Single family lots: 30 Median: $22,000

Pueblo West Residential : 79 Median :$ 164,900

Pueblo West Lots : 48 Median :$20,500

Multi family residents: 10 Median: $149,900

Multi family lots: 4 Median: $16,100

Information from the Navica system and the Pueblo Association of Realtors.
Information is reliable but not guaranteed.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pueblo Jobs

Colorado jobless rate unchanged at 4.5 percent


Pueblo's jobless rate rose nearly a percentage point to 6.2 percent in June from 5.4 percent in May, reflecting both ups and downs in seasonal hiring.
The 6.2 percent rate, however, still was slightly lower than the June 2005 figure of 6.8 percent.
Meanwhile, Colorado's and the U.S. unemployment rate was unchanged from the previous month. Colorado's remained at 4.5 percent and the national rate was unchanged at 4.6 percent, according to state and federal labor departments
In Pueblo, state officials surveyed the private/public sector and found that non-governmental jobs increased by 1,000, but governmental jobs dropped by approximately 400, according to Joe Winter, state labor economist. Winter said the shift was a normal fluctuation given graduations and the drop in academic-related employment.
A hundred new jobs in the natural resource and construction areas were created by companies contracted to help expand Xcel Energy's Comanche plant, said Winter.
He said the increase in private sector jobs mostly came in the lower-paying retail trade arena. That's a reflection of increased consumer retail activity during the summer months, which requires additional workers to serve them.
“It's everything from small mom-and-pop shops to very large big box stores,” Winter said. “The retail trade uptake is something that happens every summer.”
Looking back a year, Winter said the picture last month was brighter with approximately 1,500 more jobs compared to June 2005.
“That's solid job growth. The economy of Pueblo is bigger than it was last year. The labor force itself is expanding and the unemployment, while a little bit of a uptake from May is a half-percent lower than it was this time last year,” he said.
Winter said he expects future hiring for the Comanche Station construction project, the Pueblo Chemical Depot weapons destruction project and the construction of the GCC of America cement plant to have a strong positive impact on the entire Southern Colorado region.
Statewide, overall job growth has ebbed since January, reflecting the slowing national economy, said Rick Grice, executive director of the Colorado Labor Department.
The 4.5 percent growth in June reflected higher numbers of medical and education jobs that were offset by losses in tourism, government and the financial sector, state economists said Friday. In its monthly report, the state labor department said about 1,300 jobs were added last month, putting the nonagricultural work force at 2.3 million, up 2.2 percent from June 2005, based on seasonally adjusted figures.
Most of the jobs created in the past year have been in professional and business services, trade, transportation, utilities and construction, Grice said. The natural resources and mining sector has been the fastest growing of the 11 industry sectors, up 15.8 percent to 19,800 jobs since June 2005.
The educational and health services sector added 1,100 jobs while other industries reported gains from 100 jobs to 600 jobs, according to the seasonally adjusted figures.
Losses were felt in leisure and hospitality, government, financial activities and other services.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Congratulations Gemstar Homes!

Congratulations David Knuth of Gemstar Homes and Lou Lile of PuebCO Properties!

“Affordable Energy Efficiency Award" - Gemstar Solar Home, 250 N. Purcell Blvd. This award is given for the most efficient, affordable parade home. Gemstar Solar Homes received an energy score of 91 and 184 Built Green points.