Friday, June 23, 2006

Whose got the water? 6-23-06

I visited the Pueblo West Metro District Water Department today. Kathy was gracious enough to give me a list of who has water and who does not have water in Pueblo West. ( See below)

When I asked why didn't everyone have water she told me there were never plans for the P.W. metro dist. to put water everywhere. It is up to every parcel holder to review their original agreements and proceed from there.

Someday most of P.W. will have water to their lots. However, it is the responsibility to check to see where the water is in conjunction to their property. The owners themselves are footing the bill to bring the water up.

These Tracts and block do not have water -
Tr 144, blk
Tr 146 blk 8
Tr 147 blk 4,5
Tr 148 blk 3
Tr 149 bk 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15
Tr 232
Tr 233 blk 32
Tr 237 blk 1,2,6
Tr 238 blk 5
Tr 239 blk 6
Tr 244 blk 5,6
Tr 251 blk 2,4,5,12
Tr 253 blk 4,5
Tr 305 blk 16
Tr 341 blk 2,3
Tr367 blk 2,3
Tr 371 blk 3
Tr 384 blk 2,7,8,9
Tr 386 blk 4,5,6,7

For additional information or questions please call the Pueblo West Metro District Water Department. 719 547-3554 This information is not guareented to be reliable. For informational purposes only.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Got Water?

Several people have called me lately asking if their Pueblo West properties have water to the lot line. My answer has to be I'll check, some do and some don't. Each parcel has to be checked individually.

I have plans to visit the Pueblo West Metro District water office soon. My questions to them will be :

Which lots have water?

Which lots don't have water?


How can I tell who has water without calling on each parcel individually?

Where /can I check online?

How can I get more information?

If you have questions for the Pueblo West Metro District call 719 547-2000

Pueblo West Metro Water District (before 3:30 pm Mt. time) 719 547-3554

If you have more questions please feel free to post them here or contact me directly.

Dena Stevens 719 369-9087 / 719 545-7171 / 719 543-3030 fax

denastevens@yahoo.com / www.coloradoecobroker.com

Southern Delievery System

The Southern Delivery System (SDS) Project is a proposed regional water delivery project designed to serve most or all of the Participants’ (City of Colorado Springs, City of Fountain, Security Water District and Pueblo West Metropolitan District) future water needs through 2046. As proposed, SDS would deliver Frying Pan-Arkansas (Fry-Ark) Project water and non-Fry-Ark Project water from the Arkansas River near the City of Pueblo to the Participants’ service areas.
The proposed SDS Project area would extend northward from the Arkansas River from a pipeline at Pueblo Reservoir to the City of Colorado Springs. As proposed, SDS would include construction and operation of the following components:

Use of 42,000 acre-feet (ac-ft) of existing storage capacity in Pueblo Reservoir on an as-available basis
Use of a Reclamation pipeline and outlet structure below Pueblo Dam to connect to an untreated (“raw”) water pipeline
2,200 feet of 78-inch pipeline capable of conveying 96 million gallons per day (mgd) and 1,100 feet of 72-inch pipeline capable of conveying 78 mgd of raw water
A 160-foot long, 36-inch diameter pipeline capable of conveying 18 mgd of raw water to the existing Pueblo West Pump Station
A 43-mile long, 66-inch diameter pipeline and three pump stations capable of conveying 78 mgd of raw water
A 30,500-ac-ft local terminal storage reservoir to store raw water
Relocation of electric transmission lines at the local terminal storage reservoir site
A water treatment plant, with capacity to treat up to 109 mgd of water, to provide potable water for municipal and industrial use
Transmission pipelines to convey potable water from the water treatment plant to local water distribution systems
A 28,500-ac-ft water exchange reservoir and an associated conveyance system to store and release Colorado Springs’ reusable return flows
Purpose and Need
The basic project purpose is to provide a safe, reliable and sustainable water supply for the Participants through the foreseeable future.
The Participants have three needs that SDS would fulfill:
To use developed and undeveloped water supplies to meet most or all projected future demands through 2046
To develop additional water storage, delivery, and treatment capacity to provide system redundancy
To perfect and deliver the Participants’ existing Arkansas River Basin water rights
Role of the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation)
Pueblo Reservoir and associated facilities are owned by the United States and operated by Reclamation. The use of these facilities by other entities for water storage or conveyance requires contracts with Reclamation. Execution of 40-year contracts for the use of Reclamation facilities is the major Federal action analyzed in this Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Reclamation is the lead agency for the Federal action to be and is responsible for environmental evaluation and preparation of an EIS and a Record of Decision. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are cooperating agencies.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Recent Activity Pueblo County (6-21-06)

This information is from the Pueblo Association of Realtors, it is not guaranteed to be reliable. For information purposes only.

Current Actives 6-21-06

2016 residential properties for sale on Pueblo M.L.S.
367 residential properties for sale in Pueblo West
1137 parcels of land for sale on Pueblo M.L.S.
360 parcels of land for sale in Pueblo West

Solds May 1 - 31 / 06

Residential 302
Average price $ 126,648
low price $ 8,000
high $ 475,000
average = DOM ( days on the market) 130
Land 50
Average price $ 21,160
low price $10,500
hight price $ 74,900
average = DOM ( days on the market) 132

News about Pueblo, CO

For anyone who hasn’t been in the area for awhile Pueblo / Pueblo West is changing. The largest (momentarily) Wal Mart in the country is on the corner of McCollough and highway #50. The Carl’s Jr., hair salon and other retailers will be open soon. Cingular is opening a phone center in the downtown area. The intersection of Eagle Ridge and # I 25 is under construction to handle the traffic to the new mall on the north side of town. And the Pueblo West Safeway has already remodeled and expanded. With several military posts being closed, Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs is expecting thousands of solders in the next few years.

The Pueblo Regional Building Department reported that during the month of April '06, 518 building permits for issued, of those 266 were for Pueblo West. In the month of May '06, 665 building permits were issued and of those 354 were for Pueblo West.

Pueblo West building lots are selling and now maybe the time for you to think about listing your Pueblo West property. In the last six months 387 parcels have been sold. Of those, 174 were on the north side of the highway. And 145 of those were between 1 acre and 1 ½ acres. The average listing price was $16,076 and sold for $15,221. The median prices of those 145 lots, listed $16,000 and sold $15,500. The price of the lots ranged between $1,500 and $19,000.

I would like to list, market and sell your Pueblo West parcel for you. PuebCO Properties is local company with world wide connections. Please visit http://www.puebco.com/ or http://www.coloradoecobroker.com/ for more information about the company and myself.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience, I’m here to help.

Dena Stevens - Realtor, Ecobroker, CSP denastevens@yahoo.com
PuebCO Properties
719 369-9087
719 545-7171