Friday, June 23, 2006

Whose got the water? 6-23-06

I visited the Pueblo West Metro District Water Department today. Kathy was gracious enough to give me a list of who has water and who does not have water in Pueblo West. ( See below)

When I asked why didn't everyone have water she told me there were never plans for the P.W. metro dist. to put water everywhere. It is up to every parcel holder to review their original agreements and proceed from there.

Someday most of P.W. will have water to their lots. However, it is the responsibility to check to see where the water is in conjunction to their property. The owners themselves are footing the bill to bring the water up.

These Tracts and block do not have water -
Tr 144, blk
Tr 146 blk 8
Tr 147 blk 4,5
Tr 148 blk 3
Tr 149 bk 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15
Tr 232
Tr 233 blk 32
Tr 237 blk 1,2,6
Tr 238 blk 5
Tr 239 blk 6
Tr 244 blk 5,6
Tr 251 blk 2,4,5,12
Tr 253 blk 4,5
Tr 305 blk 16
Tr 341 blk 2,3
Tr367 blk 2,3
Tr 371 blk 3
Tr 384 blk 2,7,8,9
Tr 386 blk 4,5,6,7

For additional information or questions please call the Pueblo West Metro District Water Department. 719 547-3554 This information is not guareented to be reliable. For informational purposes only.


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